Bible Challenge on DVD

by Terry Wilhite

From the publishers of the Bible on DVD, comes the Bible Challenge on DVD, and while you may not particularly be the gaming sort, the ingenuity of this resource will cause you to take a second look.

One doesn't usually think of a game being on a DVD, but this is a resource that is a lot of fun and at the same time tests one's knowledge of the Word. It also offers many opportunities to learn something new. Since a proper review of such a challenge as this calls for a gaming expert, I turned to my own, my nine-year-old Aaron, who describes this resource as "cool."

Aaron and I gave Bible Challenge a spin and were quite surprised that you can get as much out of a "mere DVD" as the publishers of this resource are able to achieve. From the main menu, you simply select the number of players, up to four, and then one chooses his or her desired level of difficulty-easy, moderate or difficult. Multiple choice questions then appear on the screen with four possible answers from which to choose. You use the arrow up and down keys on the DVD remote to highlight your selection and then press "enter" to select it.

For the questions we answered correctly, a point was added to our score. If either one of us chose the wrong answer, which did happen on more occasions that we're willing to admit, the DVD allowed us the option to look up the related Scripture verse by highlighting the reference on the "incorrect" screen. As a parent, I really liked that feature. Often there was great debate over the reliability of our guesses and this resource authoritatively settled the score with the lookup feature.

To get back to the game, having looked up the reference verse, all we had to do was press the "menu" button on the remote.

After a player has a turn, the game moves to the next player and shows that person his score before posing the next challenge. The player who is the first to answer 10 questions correctly wins the game. In our case, that would be dear old dad here. But all dad's victory did was necessitate a re-match and another and another. We played the game at length and never did we see the same question twice. The developers say that more than 300 Bible Challenge questions are programmed into one DVD. We proved that they are correct and that questions are, indeed, offered in random order.

We took a look at the King James Version, New Testament Volume I. However, the publisher, BiblesOnDVD, also makes available the KJV Old Testament version. Between Volumes I and II, there are more than 600 questions. This is a resource suitable for all ages, including the astute seminarian.

Also included on the DVD is the full narration of the Bible. The audio is recorded by Stephen Johnston, who has provided eloquent Bible narration since 1980. I'm a big fan of the narrated Bible for more than the obvious reason of using it for listeners who may be visually impaired. Having the narration available on DVD in one's church classroom or at home can greatly help us maneuver through difficult passages and learn how to pronounce those words. Great truths often come out of family lineages and hard-to-pronounce Bible places that we often skip or mumble over. These can be heard clearly and learned correctly with this resource.

When you combine the gaming feature with the dramatized narration, you have a double-barrel resource that will be very useable in more ways than one. As we've covered here before, this publisher also offers you the New Living Translation, Old and New Testaments and both testaments of the King James Version (without the game feature). Bible Challenge on DVD is $19.95 for each volume. You can get both volumes for $29.95. The narration-only DVDs are each $19.95 or $29.95 for the set. A DVD-ROM KJV version, which is designed for mp3 players, is also available for $19.95. You can order or find out more by going to

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