by Jan Silvious

Trying to get across (name of your city) on a Friday afternoon has to be one of life's most frustrating experiences. Suddenly every car and truck in the city emerges from hidden garages and clogs the major thoroughfares. Traffic slows to a snail's pace, and drivers bite their fingernails or sit and fume.

Frustration is having your plans thwarted. It is thinking things will be one way when they turn out another, or experiencing delay after delay while something vitally important seems to be slipping away.

Circumstances are not the only source of frustration. You can be frustrated by someone who promises to take out the garbage and never gets around to it. You can be frustrated by a family member who was told to pick up his shoes out of the den every single night. You can be frustrated by an employer's poor planning that results in unnecessary late-night hours. You can be frustrated by a friend who is always late.

Most of us take the normal frustrations of life pretty much in stride, until it comes to some dream we have always hoped or planned for.

I have a friend who was very athletic until she had knee surgery. Since then, she has been unable to return to her usual rigorous activities.

Another friend dreamed of getting married. Last summer she was sure she had found her mate. But two months before the wedding he became controlling and domineering, and she saw they would never be able to make a life together. So she called off the wedding. For her, this has been a terrible frustration.

A third friend desperately wants to have a baby, but so far has been unable to conceive.  All she wants is to be a mother, but her hopes have been frustrated.

These frustrations can only be placed in perspective as God's truth spotlights the deeper work and eternal purpose that is being worked out in a life. "The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever—do not abandon the works of your hands" (Ps. 138:8).

If you can remember that God will perfect everything He has willed for you, no plan will be ultimately frustrated. In the waiting and chafing that accompany feelings of frustration, there is always the promise of God's eternal purpose. He is working out that purpose in love.

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