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Appreciation, and an Invitation

Greetings from the "Land O Sunshine" and a now-and-then hurricane!

We have sincerely appreciated the ministry of Pulpit Helps and along with the deep spiritual thrust, from time to time, a sprinkling of humor that certainly invokes a chuckle and many smiles.

Therefore, we are taking the liberty to enclose a few items of both humor and spiritual thought that have come our way in recent days that you may possibly care to use.

Our prayers continue with you daily in the place of service and ministry He has set apart for you and your staff.

Don Henry
Sarasota, FL

Editor's response: Our thanks to Don Henry for forwarding devotional and humorous tidbitsand an invitation to all: we would love to have you share "good stuff" with us, for possible future sharing with everyone—always subject to copyright restrictions, good taste, etc.

Re: "The Great Omission"

No doubt, by this time you have received many responses to the article by Wess Stafford, "The Great Omission." I shall add mine.

On page 8, column 3, of the continuation of his article he imagines the response of Satan as he views the creation. How would that be possible if at the conclusion of creation, the Lord responds that His creation was very good. At that time, Lucifer was one of the perfect angels and had not yet fallen from grace. That was before the war in heaven. As a perfect angel, he would have joined the chorus praising the God of the heavens for His wonderful work of creation.

Bill Bein,
a faithful and appreciative reader.

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