The Secret of Daniel's Success

The Bible is filled with accounts of many godly men and women who are worthy of our emulation. One such person is Daniel, a man who obtained preeminence and power during his lifetime. How was Daniel able to reach these positions of power and influence without compromising his position as a godly man?

A close look at the Book of Daniel reveals his secret, and shows how we, too, can be successful without selling our souls.

Daniel was a man of purpose. As a young boy in a strange land, Daniel was immediately faced with a challenge to violate God's Law by eating the king's food. Despite his youth and the obvious pressures to conform, Daniel "purposed in his heart" to uphold the Law of God, no matter the cost. Because of his willingness to put God first, God granted Daniel favor in the sight of others.

Daniel was a man of principle. He refused to compromise his convictions as a young man by refusing to eat the king's meat or drink the king's wine. As an old man, he refused the gifts of Belshazzar. Even under the threat of persecution, he refused to obey the decree of Darius.

Daniel was a man of purity. He was faultless when it came to the management of his business affairs. This would help to explain his rise to positions of great responsibility and power. Of course, his purity in business affairs was related to his overall purpose to please God first.

Daniel was a man of prayer. He knelt in prayer, a demonstration of his humility. He prayed three times daily, a demonstration of his continual dependence upon God. He gave thanks in the midst of persecution, a demonstration of his gratitude and the fact that he had not lost sight of God's blessings.

There is a false assumption that to get ahead in this world one must conform to the sinful practices of the world. But even today there are many Christians who demonstrate that when individuals dare to be a  Daniel they can succeed in the affairs of men without selling their souls to the world.

How about you? Will you "dare to be a Daniel" by becoming a person of: Purpose? Principle? Purity? Prayer?

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