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"Freebie" Author Identified

I greatly enjoy Pulpit Helps and appreciate the many great articles each month.

While reading the December, 2005, issue, I noted the story under the headline, "The Freebie" printed on the Illustrations page, 28. It was closed with the credit, "Author Unknown."

The story was told by Dr. Roy Angell in his book, Baskets of Silver, published in 1955. The business man who experienced the story lived in San Antonio and told it to Dr. Angell late one night about two weeks after Christmas.

Thank you for printing the story which has meant much to me.

Tom Sumrall
Lowrey Memorial Baptist Church
Blue Mountain, MS

Critiquing the Critics

In the October issue, you were criticized for using an article by Rick Warren. The writer accused Pulpit Helps of promoting "consumer Christianity," "easy believerism," and "feel good religions." It is fascinating how phrases almost become sacred to those with a "calling" to censor their brethren.

I'm really writing just to balance the criticism and say "keep doing what you're doing." But while we're at it, maybe we conservative Bible preachers ought to re-think the negative use of phrases like:

Consumer Christianity in light of 2 Pet 3:9: "He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." As for easy believerism, where in the Scriptures do we read of difficult believerism? If God wanted to make it difficult, He wouldn't have offered it as a gift (Eph. 2:8,9).

Feel good religion, maybe Jesus did not mean to talk about joy as much as He did in (John 3:29, 15:11, 16:22, 16:24, 17:23).

Delton Stimson
Christian Fellowship Church

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