Better Than Success (8 Principles of Faithful Leadership)

by Glen H. Jones

Every pastor should strive to be successful. Right? Wrong, according to Woods. Pastors are called to be faithful. Sometimes they will be successful and sometimes they will not. However, all pastors can strive to be faithful even when success eludes them. Woods, executive minister for the American Baptist Church of Ohio, presents eight principles that will hopefully guide pastors to faithful leadership.

First, the faithful pastor will discern a vision from God. A church needs a clear vision. The pastor will guide the church through prayer, Bible study, and reflection to discern God's will for this congregation. When the vision begins to emerge, the pastor must articulate the vision so that others can grasp it.

When God provides a vision for the church, he will also provide gifted persons to pursue that vision. The first to discover his gift may be the pastor. He must "stir up the gift" that is in him. When the pastor clearly knows his gift(s), he will more easily help others to discern theirs.

The congregation as well as the pastor will probably have to reprioritize to carry out the vision God has provided. Faithful churches cannot have "business as usual" year after year. Church leaders must arrange programs and plans for the coming months and years. They then communicate these plans to the congregation. A vision for a local church may originate with the pastor or another leader, but the congregation must "buy into it" if it is to succeed.

The writer suggests that the Greek word kairs (translated "making the most of the time") applies in carrying out the God-given vision. We must be faithful while we are able. Times and situations change rapidly. The time to advance the vision is now.  Pastors must repeatedly remind the congregation of the vision. We must go forward.

Target: Church Leaders

Type:   Church Planning

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