God in the Flesh: What Speechless Lawyers, Kneeling Soldiers and Shocked Crowds Teach us About Jesus

by Gayle Pearson

Don Everts starts with the short statement that no one has ever seen God. That was true until the invisible God revealed Himself in a very small body—namely Jesus.

Using the "black verses" surrounding the "red verses" in the Gospels, powerful truths emerge giving us a picture of how people responded to God in the flesh. We see them seized by amazement, become silent, fall down before Him, worship Him, leave their nets, and bring all their sick to Him. Unfortunately, we also see the many that rejected Him and aligned themselves with those who were traditionally their enemies.

In each chapter the author asks a Potentially Dangerous Question, such as:

"Is it really Yahweh who lives inside me?"

"Did God get smaller when He incarnated?"

"When I see Jesus clearly, what do I most want to do?"

Throughout the book he brings our attention to how desperately God longs to be known by us.

Also included at the end is a section on each chapter with questions and applications for further study and discussion.

Target: All

Type:   Basic Doctrine

Take:     Highly Recommended

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