India's Bible Need Is Deep and Keen

by Nola Boea

I'm an employee of the Bible League, and work in the Chicago offices of the International Ministry Center. I work at a computer most of the day, and often hear second hand about the amazing things God is doing around the world. But just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see the ministry first hand, and was greatly moved by what I experienced in India.

I watched in despair as hundreds of spiritually-lost people paid homage to a monkey god—an idol many pilgrimaged for days to come worship. I learned that less than 2 percent of India's population is Christian, and it's difficult—sometimes dangerous—to be in the Christian minority. My guide, Sandeep, has been beaten for his faith more than once.

I traveled nervously through the district of temple prostitutes—hopeless women born into the caste of sexual servitude. Their children are doomed to the same fate. "It is too late for us," said one prostitute pleading for a Bible, "but please save our children."  Oh, how this broke my heart!

I visited a blind beggar's Bible study—the first study in the leper colony where she lives. As we sat on the ground listening to the Bible read aloud, curious, crippled neighbors gathered within earshot. "Those onlookers are hearing the gospel for the first time," her Bible study leader told me.

I was disturbed by the sight of the tsunami's destruction—especially when I learned that each boy frolicking among the beach rubble had lost siblings, parents, even entire families. There I met Joshua, a man with Bible League training who, with God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, recently led 19 tsunami survivors to Christ. 

I was deeply humbled by the tears of gratitude new Christians shed when I handed them each a Bible. They had earned it by completing a Bible study. "I get more people finishing Bible studies than I have Bibles to provide," my host told me later. "You need to send me more Bibles so I can keep up with the demand!"

People have been asking me what I learned on my trip, since I returned to Chicago, to my air-conditioned home and my office job. This is what I learned:

Christians in India need Bibles! You probably hear this a lot—now I'm telling you from personal experience. I used to find it hard to imagine not having a Bible. My bookshelf holds about four of them. But now I know India is a place where Bibles are still scarce. I've seen the need!

I can tell you firsthand that the Christians receiving Bibles are extremely grateful. And the light of Christ shining in them, fueled by God's Word, is leading others to Jesus. I've witnessed this myself!

There is a great moving of the Holy Spirit in India. People are accepting Jesus. Now they need God's Word. Please help!

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