New Christian School for Thai Children

by Tasos Ioannidis

In 1981, AMG established Grace Kindergarten in the northern Thailand province of Nan, bordering Laos. This is where AMG workers went, after the Vietnam War ended, to work among hill tribe refugees who had been persecuted by the Communist army of Laos, under the influence of the Communist North Vietnamese regime. For twenty-four years, Grace Kindergarten has given the malnourished children of the region a "kick start" to a better life.

 AMG has just received permission to build a Christian school for the children of this province. At a new more accessible location about ten miles from the existing Grace Kindergarten, a new Grace Kindergarten and Primary School of Nan will soon become a reality. Plans for the present property call for establishment of a church and Bible training center. Our partner organization, Word and Deed of Holland, has provided funds to purchase the land and construct the buildings. In future years, we have permission to expand to include a high school.  What a blessing—and what a challenge!

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and AMG has been in ministry there for many years. A very large part of this ministry has been to needy boys and girls. God has tremendously blessed this ministry and the results can be seen in the lives of grown children who have come through Grace Kindergarten and our other schools and child-care projects.

Sanya Kamin is one of the children who came to an AMG child-care center years ago. Today he is a lawyer working in the local government office. Yupin Kammongkol is a lab technician who works in a provincial hospital several miles away. Sineenarth Sonnoonthee works as a nurse for a Christian clinic in her home province. You should see how proud the parents of these gifted young people are in what their children have accomplished! They and other parents are now willing to have Bible studies and prayer groups in their homes.

Twenty-five years ago there was not a single Christian family in this area, but today there is a church and several outreach posts where we pray that churches will one day exist. In the past the Buddhist villagers feared Christians, but today there is respect for them. Traditional beliefs used to make the Buddhist population antagonistic to the gospel, but today they admit that the love of Christ has been demonstrated in their villages and changed their lives and the lives of their children.

We thank the Lord for this new opportunity to present the Scriptures and the message of God's love and Christ's atonement at the new Grace Kindergarten and Primary School of Nan. Christian teachers and workers will be needed to help establish this new school. Grace Kindergarten has been known as a place of excellence for many years and we are trusting the Lord for the same success as the new school develops and eventually expands to a full K-12 curriculum.

Please PRAY and support this new opportunity as God enables you. There are many children in the villages of Nan Province who will be eternally blessed to have a sponsor that would enable them to attend this school. You can support a student, who will likely one day become a believer in Jesus Christ, for just $22 a month.

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