Getting Through the Tough Stuff

by Glen H. Jones

"Life is tough!" is Swindoll's conclusion as he examines the myriad of trials, temptations, and frustrations that confront both believers and unbelievers. These trials may sometimes be our fault but more often than not, the misfortunes just happen. This sin-burdened world brings pain, suffering, disappointment, disillusionment, conflict, and misunderstanding. That's the bad part. But the encouraging part is that the Lord Jesus Christ is never far away from the believer. He may reveal the reasons for the "tough stuff" that come into our lives, but some explanations, perhaps most, will have to wait for our meeting in eternity.

Swindoll offers insight and encouragement to those who have experienced pain, prejudice, or the death of a loved one. He also provides insight into the problems of temptation, hypocrisy, and unfortunate confrontation. He empathizes with those who have experienced shame, doubt, anxiety, or inadequacy. But he does not give slick answers that gloss over the deep-seated emotional upheavals that come when we face the tough problems of life.

For those experiencing inadequacy, Charles Swindoll offers two principles: 1) Admit your inadequacies, and
2) claim Christ's power. In another section the author condemns prejudice as demeaning and unchristian. Prejudice is a learned trait that blinds us to the qualities of another person and perpetuates itself by a refusal to see the humanity in another.

Swindoll's assessment of divorce and remarriage shows his commitment to human compassion and his faithfulness to biblical teachings. He discusses the reasons that promote divorce, the reasons the Bible permits divorce, and the Scriptural teachings that allow remarriage.

Target: All

Type:   Christian Living

Take:    Highly Recommended

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