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Don't Assume Guilt

Your synopsis of the Kuwaiti student's problems at Foothill College is incorrect in every conceivable "fact." Please check such sites as:  

Bill Frankeberger

Editor's response:

The news item came to Pulpit Helps from a source we have always found reliable. (See "Praise and Prayer," page 26, in the April issue.) Having reviewed the Websites you suggest, we find no reason to change our opinion that the Kuwaiti student at Foothill College has a legitimate grievance against his professor and the administration. We have no reason to doubt that this young man came to America filled with gratitude and admiration for this country—and that he admirably expressed his reasons and feelings for our Constitution in the essay at the heart of the issue.

The professor apparently required him to approve the findings of a required-reading book which claimed that the Constitution was the product of elitists among the colonists who were intent on protecting their own interests—not "by the people, of the people, for the people." It seems very clear that the professor did not like the student's defense of the Founding Fathers, gave him an "F" on the essay, and said he needed psychological help.

It is true that students may exaggerate issues in their minds—but so may professors. They are supposed to be unbiased, but in academic America today,  many professors are flaming liberals, trying to indoctrinate students with their own prejudices. It seems to us that this professor is in this category.

Readers, don't take our word for it. Visit the Websites Mr. Frankeberger lists and make up your own minds.

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