How Islam Plans to Change the World

by A. Karen Davis

William Wagner, professor of missions at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, brings more than 30 years background in missionary work in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to this recent book. In it he presents the thesis that the spread of Islam rests on a well-financed three-pronged approach: The first is jihad, a struggle and often a military effort called a holy war. The second approach is Da'wah, or Muslim missions. This emphasis on Muslim missions rests on the word "come"—come to Islamic uniform law, culture, and religious practices and come to the mosque. Islam considers conversion through armed conflict helpful in Da'wah.  The third approach is to build centrally-located mosques, used to give a strong presence of the Islamic community in the religious, political, and social spheres.

Additional topics addressed by Wagner:

The social implications of shariah, Islamic law;

The role of truth and fear in Islam;

The role of debate and Islamic intimidation;

Distortion and manipulation;

An overview of Islamic expansion; and

Will Islam actually take over the world?

This sobering book marshals support from the secular press, as well as quotations from Islamic writers and the Qur'an. Thus, the book depends on what Muslims are saying, not what the Western mind thinks they are saying. For example, Appendix A gives numerous quotations from Middle Eastern Sources. Another appendix shows the teacher kits offered by the Islamic Speakers Bureau. These kits provide a favorable image of Islam. I believe a thoughtful reading of this book will answer numerous questions and open the mind to a strategy hitherto unsuspected.

Target: Alert Christians

Type:   A Call to Awareness and Action

Take:    Insightful and Worthy

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