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125 Make Decisions for Christ at Belize Clinic

Thank you, Pulpit Helps, for the Missions Spotlight article, "Faith, Tenacity Produce Results," published in July, 2003. As a result, Belize Faith Mission in Belize, Central America, and Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Tucker, Georgia, partnered for a 3-day medical clinic at the mission campus in Ontario Village, Belize in January, 2005. The team of 31 pediatricians, doctors, dentists, nurses, a pharmacist, and support persons from Mt. Moriah saw 458 villagers of all ages, and 125 persons prayed to be saved. The Belize Faith Missions STM Logistics team is already planning Mt. Moriah's Medical Team's return to Belize in January, 2006, for another 3-day clinic. 

Newman Millhollon, mission director

Article on Hell on Target

Thank you so much for publishing the article "Whatever Happened to Hell?" in the April edition of Pulpit Helps.  It was very "on target" and was a tremendous reminder to us pastors!

   May I have your permission to make four copies of this article to distribute to friends in the ministry? I will cite the source, if allowed.

Pastor Paul Haasz

Editor's response: You have our permission, of course. And to all our readers, may we remind you of the general reprint permission carried each month on page three:

"All articles and illustrations in Pulpit Helps—with the exception of those indicated as excerpts, condensations, or reprints taken from copyrighted sources—may be reprinted in full or in part in church bulletins, ministry newsletters, or other non-profit Christian publications without further permission, simply by crediting Pulpit Helps, published by AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN 37422' as the source."

Likes Pastors' Library

I have been a reader of your magazine for several years now and your paper is a source of blessing. I especially appreciate the section "Pastor's Library." I don't have the time or money to check out everything that comes along. Your recommendations have been very helpful. I have purchased numerous books that you have listed and I have not been disappointed.

Thank your staff for all the time and effort you put into producing a quality magazine.

Steven  Bogan
Gatesville, TX

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