A Giant Goes to His Reward

by Lori Overcash

In recent months, the country of India has suffered two tragedies. The first is the much-talked-about Tsunami that struck the eastern coast of India, leaving death, destruction, and devastation in its wake. The second took place quietly in a hospital room in the city of Hyderabad, as Dr. John David passed on to be with his Lord.

John David was the president of AMG India and an evangelist through and through. He was unhindered by the social barriers that are so strong in India. He knew that people needed Jesus, no matter what their status in life. Dr. David was just as comfortable meeting with high government leaders as he was kneeling down to pray with a leprosy victim.

It was under the direction of John David that AMG India grew into a comprehensive ministry that today is meeting the needs of people from all walks of life. There are residential schools that care for and provide education to more than 10,000 students, and an additional 10,000 receive help at childcare centers. Almost 9,000 leprosy victims receive help through AMG India each month. The ministry provides medicine for TB patients, gives food to elderly women, has a rescue and education program for prostitutes, and New Life Centers that provide vocational training to uneducated adults.

Dr. David had a special love for evangelists and church planters. Perhaps this was because he considered himself to be one of them. He knew that national workers were the key to reaching the most Indian people with the gospel. He devoted much energy toward the encouragement, support, and equipping of national workers.

John David had a wonderful relationship with the Indian government. He was respected as one who wanted to help the people. This fact was brought out clearly following the recent tsunami. The Indian government immediately contacted the AMG India office to ask for help because they knew that AMG workers were "honest and sincere." This good reputation is due to the way Dr. David had provided help on many occasions previously.

All who knew John David are saddened by his home-going, but at the same time rejoice because he is now face-to-face with his Savior. He is experiencing what earthbound souls still long for. Today he knows the full extent of his labor for the Lord and he is worshiping Jesus Christ with people who are in heaven because he was faithful to tell them the way. He has heard the "well done" that all Christians long for.

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