Camouflaged Christians

by Clifton Tomes

When we think of the word "camouflage" most people think without hesitation of a soldier who has disguised himself for the purpose of not being discovered. God's Word plainly teaches us that Christians are indeed in the army of the Lord. God's true church is fighting the battle of godliness and holiness, and lifting up the banner of the Lord to a world that is perishing and rushing headlong into eternity.

Unlike our earthly armed forces, God's army is never to be dressed in camouflage. We are to be on constant alert and prepared to stand for God regardless. We are never to disguise our identity or be ashamed that we are indeed enlisted in the most powerful of all forces known to mankind.

However, there seems to be reluctance today among some of God's army to identify themselves as true believers of the gospel. To keep from being considered "radical," too many Christians are willing to blend in with those who make no claims of believing in any form of Christianity—every day but Sunday. They hear and share filthy jokes; they may promote or endorse dishonesty; they are greedy for self and gain at any price; they are untruthful; they pretend blindness to all forms of employee/ employer abuse. Even engaging in illicit relationships is not beyond them. They are in perfect camouflage—indistinguishable from the world.

Yet often these same individuals will be extremely active in their church activities. It is as though on Sunday the "whole armor of God" is worn with pride; but in the workplace there is often not the slightest hint of ever having enlisted in God's army.

While no one desires to be mistreated or passed-over for job promotions, if standing up as a child of God is what causes us to be persecuted, then that ís exactly what God expects of us. Are we going to be ashamed at the appearing of Christ? Or are we going to be ashamed when it is time for us to vacate this temporary dwelling place we call earth? Remember that it was Jesus who said if we're ashamed of Him; then He will be ashamed of us. 

We must remember that church membership does not guarantee that we are enlisted in God's army. Anyone can claim to be enlisted; but it's not those that talk only, but those that "walk the talk" and wear the garments of Christ's salvation with honor openly who are numbered among God's soldiers. This means earnestly seeking to live holy lives and never being willing to camouflage our position in Christ.

Never forget that God has saved us, God blesses us, God guides us, God promotes us, God keeps us—and when our earthly battles have ceased, God will receive us into that eternal Kingdom where all who have worn God's garments of salvation with honor will receive their "just reward."

"Well done thou good and faithful servant" are not words that "camouflaged Christians" can expect to hear. Our position in Christ is to be as open and displayed as Christ and His cross, where sin's debt was paid in full.

Clifton Tomes is a former pastor
living in Bowling Green, Ky.

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