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Praise: 1,100+ Meet Christ at State Fair Booth-Arizona State Fair officials had refused to rent exhibitor space to Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, claiming that too many people had found their speech "personally offensive" at the previous year's fair. But after the Alliance Defense Fund-a Phoenix-based pro-family law firm-informed fair officials that the First Amendment does not allow them to discriminate based on the content of the speech, the ruling was reversed. The result: 1,130 people indicated their desire to become Christians, according to the exhibitors.

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Praise/Prayer: Hope Comes to Sierra Leone Village Called "There Is No God"-When native missionaries in Sierra Leone were searching out areas in need of the gospel, they came across a rural village with a name that means, "there is no God." Stricken by the hopelessness such a name implies, they immediately made plans to take the message of Christ to this isolated community. The village is in a northern province of Sierra Leone that has become an Islamic stronghold. Those who are not Muslims practice occultism, consulting juju gods and living in constant fear of evil spirits. Native missionaries visited the village to build relationships with the chief and elders. God blessed them with favor, and chiefs gave the missionaries permission to start gospel work. Missionaries are using a holistic approach to evangelism, bringing physical aid to this poverty-stricken community in the name of Christ, thus opening people's hearts to His truth. The community has asked the missionaries to take over the village school, which was suffering desperately from lack of leadership. Now, a new generation will hear the gospel. Missionaries face many obstacles in their work, but native gospel workers are determined to give this village a new name by the power of Christ.

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Pray: Christian Teens Forced to Take Muslim Identities in Egypt-Two teenage Christians have gone to court to fight their forced designation as Muslims on their identity cards. Iman and Olfat Malak Ayet were raised by their mother as Christians. Their father had converted to Islam when they were infants and subsequently left their mother and re-married. He never took custody of the children nor interfered with their upbringing as Christians up to his death in November, 2002. When Olfat requested a copy of her birth certificate in 2003, she discovered that her father had changed their official identities to Muslim.

In order for the girls to write their final exams and apply for university, they have to have an identity card. Once identified as Muslim on their identity cards, the Egyptian authorities have historically refused to allow citizens to change that designation. Religious designation is important for several reasons, including forbidding those designated as Muslims from marrying Christians and restricting them from entering churches. Coptic Christian lawyer Naguib Gabriel asked the court, "How can these children be forced to become Muslims, when they have never practiced Islam in their entire lives?" Pray that these girls, along with several other Egyptian Christians, will be allowed to express their true religious identity.

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Praise: Ministry Facilitates 25,000 Adoptions Worldwide in 60 Years-An evangelical organization responsible for placing thousands of orphans with families worldwide is celebrating 60 years of service. Bethany Christian Services not only facilitates adoptions, but helps with a crisis pregnancy center, other counseling and meeting humanitarian needs. "Throughout the years we've been able to place about 25,000 children into adoptive families," said ministry spokesman Roger Bouwma. "Of those, about 9,000 are international children. We work in 16 different countries, doing both international adoption work and social service work." In addition to adoptive families, Bouwma says more people are needed to support poor families financially.

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