Spit and Polish for Husbands (Becoming Your Wife's Knight in Shining Armor)

by Glen H. Jones

Bryan Davis offers a bucketful of advice for husbands who want to recapture the honeymoon days. Using the analogy of a knight in shining armor, he challenges his readers to remember the courting days when he (the reader) pursued his damsel, longing to sweep her off her feet and take her to his castle to live happily ever after.

Alas, for too many, the exciting days are gone, her eye no longer glitters with excitement, and every day portends business as usual. Husband and wife can recapture some of their more exciting days-and husbands need to take the lead. Davis advises husbands to be on guard against thoughtless remarks that irritate or disappoint their wives Being the husband God wants us to be requires conscious effort and hard work.

The author suggests that husbands remember bathroom etiquette, beware of selfish remarks and behavior, practice gentleness and helpfulness, avoid being the know-it-all, show humility, and help with household chores.

Above all, a husband and father needs to model Christian behavior before his wife and children. Christ is our model. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be like Christ; and if we are like Him, we will be closer to becoming the husbands He wants us to be.

Target: Husbands

Type: Family advice

Take: Recommended

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