Ways to Make the Results of Your 2005 VBS Last Longer

If you asked a group of evangelical Christians where they made their decision to become a Christian, about 25 percent would say VBS. Because of the impact VBS can have on the children and youth of your church and community, it is imperative to prayerfully work to make it stronger and more effective than ever. Here are a few thoughts you might consider as you plan, conduct and do follow-up on your VBS in 2005.

I believe an effective Vacation Bible School does not end with the last day of the school. Good follow-up after it's over will result in adding more families to the church. VBS can be a very effective launch vehicle to involve new people in Bible study and the other areas of ministry in the church.

Here are a few ways VBS can help grow your church:

1. From those who attend VBS you can identify new prospects you can visit, with the prayer and hope of leading the entire family to the Lord.

2. Boys and girls and their families, who do not have contact with any other church, become prospects for your church through VBS.

3. Follow-up visits done soon after VBS is over can be the beginning of a lasting relationship with that family.

I read last year an article from LifeWay Christian Resources about VBS. It told how a person enlisted to be the VBS director asked the church secretary for the previous year's VBS records. The new director was given a manila envelope containing the cards of all the prospects discovered during VBS the year before. Included were the names of those who had made decisions to accept Christ. Many were not involved with the ongoing ministry of the church because no one from the church contacted them after VBS. How sadto begin to share the love of the Lord during VBS and then fail to follow-up.

Few other ministries of the church have the potential evangelistic impact of Vacation Bible School. When you examine the number of decisions recorded during VBS you can quickly see it is really just the tip of the iceberg. Churches that follow-up well with the children will also gain the potential to reach their parents, siblings, and even grandparents.

Victory comes when family members accept Christ due to the message, excitement and involvement of their children in VBS. The on-going witness and ministry of the church after VBS, and the winning of children and their parents to a personal relationship with Christ, are strong evidences of God's power at work. The results of VBS can, and should be eternal!


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