Many Were Generous

The Lord touched my heart as I read the letter from Pastor G. H. Gordon. I'm sending payment for you to continue his subscription. May God richly bless Pastor Gordon.
Joyce Brown
Summerville, SC

The November 04 Readers Forum had a letter from Pastor G. H. Gordon. He said he had been receiving the Pulpit Helps for a good many years. He was 81 years old and his budget did not allow him to renew his subscription and he asked for no charity.

I was shocked and hurt that Pulpit Helps could not continue the subscription to Pastor Gordon at no charge. I'm so disturbed about this I have considered canceling my own subscription to balance it out. I would be glad to personally pay for his subscription yearly and I want to do that.
Harry Walters
Independence, MO

Editors' Response: These two letters are samples of the response we received to Pastor Gordon's letter. You wrote us, called us, and emailed us. In retrospect it's evident our printed response to his letter was not adequate and we failed to share the end of the story. At the time we received his letter the circulation department was instructed to continue Pastor Gordon's subscription. We should have made that clear in the response. Because of the way our response was presented we received more than one check to help Pastor Gordon. Your expression of support for him was overwhelming. We contacted those who sent the checks and the response was to use the funds to help others like Pastor Gordon. We thank you for your generosity and apologize for the confusion our initial response caused.

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