Unchaining the Great Commission

A Summit/Strategy Meeting for Mission Leaders

Orlando, Florida            February 11-12, 2005

Editor's note: The following statement from the conference organizers anticipates a remarkable and exciting move of God, which they—and we—believe will soon open wide doors long closed to the Good News of Jesus Christ. We invite you to pray with us to that end!

"Think back to the collapse of the Soviet Union. No one could have predicted the rapid-fire series of events that transformed Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries from Communist strongholds to free societies. Even the U.S. State Department and the world's leading scholars were astounded at the string of political earthquakes. Thankfully though, missions leaders recognized the new doors for the gospel and mobilized teams for evangelism and church planting.

"We, the undersigned conference organizers, sense that God is starting to unleash an even greater revolution. In fact, we could soon witness a global awakening to the reality of the Creator God of the Bible and the evidence for the Intelligent Design (ID) of living things and the universe. Clearly this would be a historical turning point more far-reaching than the toppling of Communism! 

"The pending collapse of Darwin's myth—that we are products of chance—signals an unprecedented window of opportunity to present the case for a Designer and the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord. What's more, incredible cutting edge resources are being produced, hailing the evidence for the Creator and the reliability of God's word in ways that almost anyone can understand and respond to.

"We believe the time is more than ripe for an international summit of missions leaders, with the expressed goal of combining these cutting-edge resources with a unified strategy to revolutionize world evangelism and discipleship.

"You may wonder: "Why link the Darwinism issue with world missions?" We would point to signatory Ralph Winter's insight when he identified the worldview of scientific-materialism as one of the top barriers to the gospel around the world. Therefore, the crisis in Darwinism, which will hopefully lead to a decisive crash in the coming years, presents a key opportunity to advance global evangelism and disciple-making. Yet missions has all but turned its back on these scientific developments as being irrelevant to the global missionary task.

"The conference will highlight developments like Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a brilliant film that presents the case for Design that has aired on PBS stations throughout the U.S. and is being translated into the world's top 50 languages. It will also range over a host of issues and topics that relate to propelling the advance of the gospel worldwide. The conference will have several purposes:  1) information-sharing on what is happening in ID and apologetics and what mission applications have already seen success;  2) discerning God's leading through consultation of mission leaders;  and  3) strategizing how to band together to exploit the new opportunities on the horizon."

The statement describes the conference as a "pivotal summit meeting, designed to insure that this revolution, unfolding by the grace of God, does not ‘catch us unaware.'  Our goal is to glorify Him in our strategy and planning, and to be like the men of Issachar, who ‘understood the times and knew what Israel should do.'"

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Ron Blue
Dallas Theological Seminary

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Ted Noble
Greater Europe Mission

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Frank Severn
SEND International and IFMA

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Ralph Winter
William Carey University

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Tom Woodward
Trinity College of Florida,
C.S. Lewis Society

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Questions about the conference can be answered by writing to Rich Akin, C. S. Lewis Society, 2430 Welbilt Blvd., Trinity, FL  34655, or emailing him at rakin@apologetics.org.

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