Discoveries Lead to Still More Unknowns

by Howard Glass

The supporters of evolution are losing ground as those who embrace intelligent design gain legitimacy in the scientific world. This is not surprising when you ponder that the same people who believe man evolved from chaos have yet to plumb the depths of the human body.

 When we compare the things that man has created to the natural things that exist in the world around us we can see an enormous difference: the things man has created get smaller as we study them; the things God has created get larger as we study them.

Sure, man has improved his inventions, but they are essentially the same at the core. A computer, though constantly being improved and developed, is a finite engine, something we can duplicate at will. The human body, by contrast, the more it is studied and analyzed, seems infinitely more complex. Who can begin to duplicate even a small part of it?

The numerous specialized fields of medicine: dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, and so on attest to this. How many new specialties will be added as man unravels more and more of God's creation?

Theories of development by random chance become more and more ridiculous as inquisitive minds unroll nature like a never-ending carpet. Each discovery reveals another world of man's ignorance. This carpet is growing broader and longer rather than smaller as man's understanding increases.

How long will it be before scientific minds get the point?

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