"Bundles" Share Christ's Love

by Larry Malone

For more than fifty years AMG International has been bringing joy into the lives of boys and girls, national workers, and leprosy victims through a special event that takes place at this time every year. AMG provides Bundles of Love as an expression of the love that God showed when He sent His Son as the ultimate gift.

Each Bundle of Love contains items that its recipient needs, and items that would be appropriate for the climate and conditions of the area. It may have clothes, shoes, food, a sweater, a blanket, a mosquito net, cooking utensils, toys, and a Bible.  The Bundles are given out at special ceremonies, similar to the Christmas programs that will take place in many churches across America, where the gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly presented.

"Every Christmas the children look forward to Bundles of Love," says Remy Oguilla, director of AMG's Handumanan Childcare Center in the Philippines. "It is a special gift to them which they highly value. It helps make Christmas more meaningful to them, especially when we explain to them that God gave us the best gift of all when He sent Jesus to this world to be our Savior."

"The term, Bundles of Love,'" she added, "reminds me that these little children are bundles of love which God has placed in our care. We love them and we treasure them just as I believe the Lord Jesus does. We are so thankful that Christians in North America care enough to spread the joy of Christmas through these bundles."

Christmas is a time when we focus on what the Lord has done for us. We celebrate His birth, His life, and the eternal life we have because of His death, burial, and resurrection. However the world is full of people who have no one to love them. Many are too poor to give gifts. For some, the day we celebrate as our Lord's birthday is just another day.

Through Bundles of Love, AMG makes Christmas a special day for thousands of needy children, leprosy sufferers, and national workers in over twenty countries around the world, through the generosity of donors who give the $20 that each Bundle costs.

Individuals as well as churches can be involved in providing Bundles of Love. Many churches have a "Bundles of Love Sunday," which is advertised and promoted several weeks in advance. On that Sunday congregations are provided with special offering envelopes for their gift for Bundles of Love. All the materials needed for having a "Bundles of Love Sunday" are available from AMG in a Bundles of Love Kit.

Larry Malone is manager of international ministries for AMG International.

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