My Faith Still Holds

by A. Karen Davis

Joyce  and Gene Williams direct Shepherds' Fold ministries, designed to affirm pastors and their wives. Her book consists of forty heartening vignettes by and about women, designed to help and encourage the discouraged woman to live a life of faith.  Sample the good writing and support by reading two excerpts:

Political luminaries such as Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush and Karen Frist open the book.  Condoleezza Rice, national security advisor to President George W. Bush, coupled Scripture with a call to action when she spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2003.    

"Our goal must not be to get through a struggle so that others can congratulate us on our resilience; nor is it to dwell on struggle as a badge of honor. The Apostle Paul said, "Forgetting those things which are behindI press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" (Phil 3:13-14, nkjv).

Dr. Rice concludes: "But to direct the energies from our struggles toward the good of others, we must first let go of the pain and the bad memories and the sense of unfairness-of why me?'-that inevitably accompany deep personal, turmoil."

From Singapore, educator and Christian worker Buay Tan, relives her journey of faith in "Restoring the Broken Vessel." This narrative recalls her agony after the death of her teen-age son, followed by God's restoration of hope. 

 "The most traumatic moments were mealtimes, when we forced food down our throats and then struggled to keep it down. Nights became nightmares as Kim San struggled to sleep. My pillow was soaked with tears as I cried incessantly."

After several months, she found hope. "Since I had no choice but to carry on living, I decided to be better, not bitter; to be faithful, not fearful; to win and witness for Him, not whine and whimper. Once again the Lord became my friend instead of my foe."

Each story in this compilation encourages faith. The book is an easy read, and it sparkles with biblical light.

Target:   Women

Type:     Narrative

Take:     A good read

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