Arabs in the Shadow of Israel: the Unfolding of God's Prophetic Plan for Ishmael's Line

by A. Karen Davis

Most Western Christians support Israel and have a predisposition against the Arab nations. With authoritative scholarship, the Lebanese Christian author and theology teacher investigates Scripture carefully. Tony Maalouf reveals rich insights about Ishmael.

There are four solidly constructed parts in this book: To whet your appetite, I include a key argument from each part of the book.

1. The Biblical Foundations deal with Abraham's surrogate wife and the mother of Ishmael, Hagar. She "is the first person in Scripture whom a divine messenger visits and the only person who dares to name the deity... (She) is the first woman to hear an annunciation; the only one to receive a divine promise of descendants" (p.105).

2. Arabs in the Light of Israel: surveys the relationship between Abraham's first-born and the Israelite line. The gripping discussion of the possible influence of Arab and desert culture on the book of Job makes compelling reading. (p. 127-135). In addition, under David and Solomon "Arab Ishmaelites shared ministerial responsibilities and were part of the closer family circle" (p.142; cf. 1 Chron. 2:17; 27:30-31).

3. Arabs in the Darkness of Israel: Six of the twelve sons of Ishmael listed in Genesis are specifically mentioned in cuneiform. They multiplied beyond number because of the promise in Genesis (17:20). Like the idol-worshiping Israelites, there is historical verification of Arab idolatry.

4.  Arabs in the Light of Christ: Notice the specific mention of Arabs in the messianic prophecies of Isaiah: "Let the desert and its towns lift of their voices, the villages that Qedar inhabits" (42:11). Strong evidence supports an Arab connection to the Magi visiting the infant Christ.

The author calls for "removing unwarranted biases against Arabs" (p. 223), and asserts "The present conflict in the Middle East does noteven reflect the pattern of Arab-Jewish relationships in post-biblical history."

There are over 100 pages of endnotes, bibliography and general index. Nevertheless, this thought-provoking scholarly work is very readable. 

Target: Middle East interest

Type:     Biblical argument and refutation

Take:     Significantly worthwhile

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