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Praise/Pray: Wives Urged to Fight for Home, Families-She had prepared another message, Beth Moore told 1,000 women (and a few men) at the annual Ministers' Wives Conference at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. But when she woke June 15, God gave her one word: "Fight." "We are staggering," Moore said. "We have been hit. Pastors' homes, staff homes, churches are in all manner of assaults. You and I have got to fight."

But choose your fights wisely, Moore advised. "We're fighting so many battles we're not fighting any well. And some battles are ones we ought not to fight," the popular women's Bible teacher said. Don't fight for lost causes or for yesterday, she said. "Whatever God has for you, it's not behind you," Moore said. "We have to accept the world is going to get worse. The good news is that God has not accidentally assigned us to this time."

Moore cautioned her listeners to learn to say "no." "We cannot do a thousand things to the glory of God," she said. "Do a couple of things and do them with everything you've got."

"Fight for your man," she said. "Fight for your family. Fight for your marriage with everything you've got. If we're not fighting for our marriages, who is? Young'uns grow up and he's what you've got," Moore said. "If you're still drawing breath, you've got to keep working on your marriage."

The speaker expressed her understanding of women whose marriages are not all they could be. "If he's neglecting you, let me tell you, God has taken notice of it," Moore said. "It's a good sign if we can cry ourselves to sleep. To get hard and cold is not an option. We need to love with more knowledge and insight.... I'm not talking jealous; I'm talking zealous. That's your man. You be vigilant over him. And you tell him. Warn him.... Fight for your home with everything you've got and don't take no for an answer."

She talked about the need for both the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith, then moved to Army fatigues and Cinderella's ball gowns. "Fight. The ball gown's coming," Moore said. "The time will come in eternity when you can take off that Army green and put on the ball gown, but until then, the woman is the warrior."

Baptist Press

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Pray: Jordanian Judge to Rule Against Widow-For over a year, the Voice of the Martyrs has been following the case of Siham Qandah, a Jordanian widow in danger of losing her children to her estranged Muslim brother, Amman. In September, 2003, a court ordered her imprisoned if she did not hand over the children. However, legal action to remove Amman as guardian because of alleged fraudulent use of the children's trust fund has enabled her so far to retain custody of the children.

According to a June 22 report from Middle East Concern, however, Siham's lawyer has been informed by the judge that he intends to rule in favor of Amman, since all withdrawals from the children's trust fund were authorized by a judge. This ruling ignores the allegations that the withdrawn funds were used fraudulently. Siham's lawyer planned to appeal.

Over the many months since this saga began, Siham has stood firm in her resolve. She is asking Christians to pray for her. Pray that Siham and her two children, Rawan (15) and Fadi (14) will know the presence and peace of God in the midst of this turmoil. Pray that Siham will retain custody of her children and that a final resolution will come soon. (See news story links at


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Praise: Aussies Fund 66 More Christian Radio Outlets-More than 66 new communities in Australia will soon be able to tune in to Vision FM Christian Radio, thanks to pledges made June 3-5 during the network's annual "Dream With Us" radio appeal. Total giving has surpassed $283,000. "We give the Lord all the glory, honor, and praise," says Vision FM Chief Executive Ian Worby. "It's obvious that God believes in Christian radio and so do many hundreds of generous Australians from across the nation." The new stations will be progressively brought on air in the coming months. A nondenominational, nonprofit operational network, Vision FM is owned and operated by United Christian Broadcasters Australia, which started broadcasting with a single frequency in Queensland in 1999. Five years later it has 175 stations across Australia. All receive Vision FM programming originating 24 hours a day from its broadcast operations center in Underwood, Brisbane.

Religious Media Agency/United

Christian Broadcasters, Australia,

via MissionNet

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Praise: Mercy Ships Provide Medical Care in Caribbean, Europe, Africa-Special anesthetic equipment donated to Mercy Ships for use on its hospital ship, the Caribbean Mercy, has enabled volunteer surgeons to perform optical pediatric surgeries on children. Eighteen-month-old Cecilia was the first child to have surgery on the ship during an outreach to Honduras. Cecilia was born with crossed eyes, and surgeons performed operations on both eyes to correct the problem. Surgeries are carried out on the Caribbean Mercy to remove cataracts and straighten children's eyes, providing healing and giving hope for new opportunities. Another hospital ship, Anastasis, has begun visits to a number of ports throughout the U.K. and other parts of Europe, raising public awareness of the work of the global charity as well as restocking and re-staffing prior to the next outreach to Benin and Liberia later this year.

Religious Media Agency via MissionNet

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