Cracking Da Vinci's Code

by A. Karen Davis

Cracking Da Vinci's Code is a Christian response to The Da Vinci Code-a run-away fiction best seller which carries the message that everything you have heard about Jesus Christ is wrong. In addition to challenging every facet of traditional Christianity, author Don Brown asserts that everything he presents is "historical fact" woven into the lives of fictional characters.

Garlow and Jones open their book with an invitation to investigate what the "code" is and how the answer affects the reader. They provoke healthy curiosity about the "Holy Grail." To aid the reader, a fictitious modern college student asks pertinent questions about significant issues raised by Da Vinci's code.

How do Garlow and Jones crack the code? The authors discuss each topic with documented research, reason, biblical authority, and an insightful grasp of questions readers of The Da Vinci Code are asking. The chapter titles put forward an overview of the book (notes in the parentheses added by this reviewer):

The Code that Shook the World

God's Second Best Idea (biblical view of sex)

Women are more Sacred and Feminine than the "Sacred Feminine"

Jesus-Who was He, Really?

Who is Revising History?  (Brown or the Christian Church)

Don't Shoot the Cannon (of Scripture)

The Gnostic Gospels vs. the New Testament Gospels

Secret Knowledge (mystical spirituality)

The Clash of the Symbols

Cracking the Code

This powerful invitation to evaluate the accuracy of Brown's ideas took under six weeks for Garlow and Jones to write. It is a tribute to the prior preparation of these highly educated authors. There are some documentation problems in the endnotes of chapter 8, and a few errors in mechanics throughout the book. The urgency of bringing the book to press accounts for these minor problems. Three Websites offer the seeker and the pastor genuine help:,, and This book invites discussion of significant issues and supplies good answers to the flawed assertions embedded in The Da Vinci Code.

Target:  Readers of The Da Vinci Code

Type:     An argument and refutation

Take:     A must read

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