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I want to takes this time and method to say a big thank-you for all the departments in Pulpit Helps, it is one great resource for my ministry. I use 8-10 of the bulletin inserts every week and several times folks have asked me, where do you get all the things that you put in the Bulletin each week and I gladly tell them that  they come form the folks at Pulpit Helps. Thank you so much and please keep up the good work.

Jeff Prosise  minister

Church of Christ, Grants Pass, Or.

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Please do not discontinue the Pulpit Helps.  We use them often. Also, the Illustrations are wonderful. This paper makes preparing a bulletin so much easier for my secretary.

 Pastor Jerry Little

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I vote for you to keep "Bulletin Inserts" in EACH edition of Pulpits Helps. This is the reason our church subscribed in the first place. And if you'll look at your records, we "subscribed" for THREE years. We use them for our "Church Marquee" ministry. On occasion, we do put them in our "Weekly Bulletins." And if one teaches the truth of a particular Bible verse, I write it by the verse and use it in a sermon.

Like I said, I vote to keep them.

Ricky L. Scott, pastor

Prosperity Baptist

Aburntown, TN

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I have been a church secretary for 28 years. I have enjoyed the changes made through the years (from mimeographs to computers). One thing I hope does not change is your format in Pulpit Helps. There is very little that I do not use in my bulletins. I have so many comments about the "humor" that I use from the "bulletin Inserts" section of your paper. It is very helpful with all the needs of the church to interject a lighter side of Christianity.

I have a special file for all the issues, I do not throw them away-but go back and reuse them year after year.

Thank you so much for a wonderful publication that meets many needs of this church secretary.

Sheila Edwards

Forestdale Community Church

Birmingham, Al.

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The question posed is "Do you find them (inserts) useful in your ministry?" You bet I do! I used the quotes frequently on our church web page. I love to use quotes in my sermons; "Bulletin Inserts" is like a gold mine for me when it comes to that. And, if the quotes are relatively short, I use them on our church sign from time to time.


Pastor Denzil G. Mauk

Wheatland Bible Church

Wheatland, WY

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We use the bulletin inserts from your magazine almost every Sunday. Please keep including them. Thanks and God bless! Keep up the good work for the Lord.

Pastor Gary Meeks

Fruitdale Community Church

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Keep them coming!  I use them every month in our church newsletter.  Someone brought the newsletter to me in church yesterday and commented about one of your inserts.  This happened to be a very funny one, but I have had people tell me how they appreciate those short pithy inserts that make them think.  Thanks!

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I use the inserts every month and look forward to them. We have a local bank that will use one occasionally to place on their sign so many people can read them as they travel through our city.

E. L. McNeal, pastor,

First Baptist Church,

Sanger, TX

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As for myself I use them weekly in preparing the church bulletin. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to supply them. I not only use them but enjoy the rest of the "pulpit helps."

Charles Brunner

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YES! I find your Bulletin Inserts very helpful. I use some, if not all, of them every month. I would really miss them if you discontinued them. Please continue to include them every month. I really appreciate your ministry. THANK YOU!

 Tim Arthur

Calvary Baptist Church

Portsmouth, OH

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We don't use them in bulletins; we use them infrequently in newsletters; but we rely on them a lot for our sign on the street.

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Norman Friedmeyer

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I prepare the bulletin for Woodbury Road Baptist Church. My pastor gives the bulletin inserts section to me and I do use them on a regular basis. We have a small congregation and not a lot of announcements. I am usually scrounging for information to fill the space. This is really helpful.

Thanks, Vanessa Harriman

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Please do not eliminate the bulletin inserts as we use them regularly in our hand-outs. We are a small church in southeast Kansas, so do not have the high tech resources available to us that maybe larger churches use. Even if we did, I think we would still use these "pearls of wisdom" quotes-some humorous and some that just go straight to the heart! I save our copies and go back to find items (in the bulletin inserts) for the hand-out that relate to my husband's field of study or sermon for the week.

Please know that Pulpit Helps is an important aid in our ministry and that all the time, energy, and prayer that each of you devote to make this a quality publication are very much appreciated.

Jeanne Lewis (wife of Pastor Jim L. Lewis)

Columbus Christian Center

Columbus, Kansas

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I enjoy using the short sayings from Bulletin Inserts and frequently use them in my sermons. I find them very useful in my ministry. Oftentimes they have been used on our church sign out front and in our church bulletins.

As a bivocational pastor I often encounter people at my secular workplace commenting about the "sayings" on our church sign and how much they enjoy them. Do keep them up if at all possible. Thank you and God bless you for your labor in assisting ministers such as me in the communities where we are called to serve.

 Lonnie Budd

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Just to let you know that the bulletin inserts are the main reason that we subscribe to Pulpit Helps. They are a great help to our ministry

Ellis Parson, pastor

Summerfield Baptist Church

Summerfield Tx.

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I can only speak for myself There are many a small opening in my weekly bulletin where these snippets fit perfectly Thank you and I hope to continue seeing them.

Nolan P. Rutter

Serving Him in the Golden Valley

Clinton, Missouri

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               Editor's note: We are overwhelmed at your response! Thanks to you all for writing, and be assured-as we declared last month-that the Bulletin Inserts are staying put!

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