Summer Time and the Living. . .

by Bob Dasal

Bob DasalThe golden oldie "Summer Time" says the "living is easy." Everyone likes that idea and even Christians can let themselves think that way. But when you think about priorities for Christian living, "holy" should top the list instead of "easy."

Genuine Christianity is not measured by ease and comfort, but by commitment, obedience, and faithfulness. Living as "nominal" Christians will leave them unsatisfied, with the deep longing of the heart not met. They have enough religion to be miserable, but lack the reality of genuine Christianity that results in joy that's full, peace that passes all understanding, and grace that's always sufficient.

I've asked, "How many nominal Christians' are there?" The answer is found in the membership rolls of churches across the country. Most church rolls are filled with the names of people who have not attended or participated in church for years, except maybe at Christmas or Easter. The first question leads to a more important question: "What are churches doing about this?" Churches respond in different ways.

Some ignore it. For example, to have 600 people on the roll and only 200 attending is considered acceptable. Sadly, having less than 50 percent of your membership actively participating is the reality of most churches in America today.

Other churches will periodically "clean" their membership roll. People who have neither attended nor participated in ministry, and are not homebound, are removed from the roll. While that might be needed, it's only a partial answer.

If a convenient Christianity is preached from the pulpit then a complacent Christianity will develop in the pew.

The key to a vital Christianity in the hearts and lives of people is the pulpit! The Apostle Paul states it clearly when he told Timothy, "Preach the Word." America's pulpits need to call believers to holy living as defined by God's Word and not easy living! Preaching centered on anything else is a sham.




Bob Dasal is Editor-in-Chief of Pulpit Helps.

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