AMG's Encyclopedia of Bible Facts

by Bob Dasal

This one-volume Bible encyclopedia contains over 100,000 biblical facts and is divided in four sections. It provides archaeological, cultural, and historical facts about the Bible. It cover facts on subjects such as martyrs, persecutions, teachings, biblical customs, the Law, etc. Included are Bible facts from Genesis to Revelation that are interesting, enlightening, and fascinating.

One especially interesting area was Part Five: Fascinating Bible Facts. It includes definitions and discussions plus easy-to-use charts on Bible Symbols, Dark Bible Topics, Bible Contradictions, and Bible promises. One example is the symbolic use of the hands and arms in the Bible. According to the Encyclopedia of Bible Facts there are 26 ways hands are used symbolically. Three examples: 1) Hollow of the hand = a place of security; 2) To drop the hands = a sign of weakness; 3) Hand of the Lord upon = to prophecy.

This is a helpful, practical, and interesting resource and I recommend it, but there is a learning curve to knowing how to use it effectively. It will take using it to be able to quickly find what you're looking for.

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Target: General

Type: Bible Resource Guide

Take: Reference Work 

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