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Bulletin Inserts: Stay or Nay? We Asked & You Let Us Know!

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We find your Bulletin Inserts to be very helpful.  I use them all the time in both our bulletin and in our newsletter. We hope you will continue to include this feature in Pulpit Helps.

Cindy Flora, secretary

Quinter Church of the Brethren

Quinter, KS 

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"Do we still use inserts?"  Oh my Lord, YES!

I do not know what I would do with out them!  Not only do I use them to advertise activities in the church, along with our slide show on Sunday mornings, but also each ministry uses them to announce activities! 

Peggy Cosby, secretary

Newcastle United Methodist Church

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We use the bulletin inserts quite frequently - enjoy them a lot.


Temple Baptist Church

Flatwoods, Kentucky

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We may be old fashioned but we still put out a weekly bulletin and I appreciate the pithy statements you include in your "Bulletin Inserts." I use them in our bulletins and on our message board by I-90. Please continue publishing it! Thanks!

Mike Schrader

Belgrade Church of Christ

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We use shorter ones for our church sign. I use them in sermons and the Pastor's Welcome at the beginning of service. We also use them in our monthly church newsletter.

They are useful to us. Thanks

Randy Sabella, pastor

Malaga Assembly of God

Malaga, NJ

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One of the first pages I go to each month is the page containing Bulletin Inserts. I utilize at least one of the inserts each Sunday in our bulletins and quite a few in devotionals that I write. Please, please, don't drop them!


William A. Stallsmith

ruling elder/vice moderator

Bethel ARP Church

Vidette, Georgia 

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Not only great reading but they are great illustrations in my preaching. Thank you so much for them. Keep up the good work.

Jim Fish, pastor,

Kingsway Baptist Church,

Mickleton, New Jersey

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I use them for our church sign.  They are usually short enough to fit on our sign and are very catchy. Please consider leaving them in your publication.

Mrs. Jay Stapleton

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Editor's response: Okay, okay, we get your point! The Bulletin Inserts stay. And thanks for writingit's nice to know. And to those of you who called, know that your votes counted also.

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Hurrah for Creation View

I wanted to take the time to write to you regarding your recent response to Pastor Bob Snitzer and your explanation on what your stand is on Genesis and creation (April Readers' Forum). Thank you! How refreshing it was to read your strong support for the authority of the Bible...with no apology for believing as you do!! This is indeed rare today. Not only the conviction of belief but the courage to express it. 

I thought you may receive some response from some who are opposed to what you wrote... I wanted to express my support of your belief and agreement with it.

Thank you for all you do in helping and encouraging men in ministry.

Pastor Tim Steiner

Calvary Baptist Church

Mikado, Mich.

Editor's response: And thank you, Brother Tim,  for taking your public stance.

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AA Didn't Start 12 Steps

I noticed that the Higher-Power Deities article (March issue) states that Alcoholics Anonymous started the twelve-step program. Actually, following a tradition of the early church and the Wesley revival, the Oxford Group created the program. AA just copied it and turned it into a secular program.


Nicholas J. Gray, semior pastor

Grace Christian Center

Shell Knob, Missouri

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She's the Genuine Article

I just received my May copy of Pulpit Helps and was surprised to see a picture of my neighbor, "Aunt Gert," and read the article "Aunt Gert's Gospel Oven."

I have lived across the street from her for about 40 years and can attest that everything said about her is true. Not only have I been the recipient of things from her oven (Irish soda bread that can't be topped, banana bread, cinnamon buns, and other goodies) but I remember listening to her playing hymns on her piano during the summer when we could sit on our porch and listen. For many years she was the organist for the church around the corner from her house. She is a quiet, unassuming Christian lady and I was so glad to see her faithfulness and service to the Lord recognized.

Tom Woods

Manchester, Ct.

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Pulpit Helps Helps

Pulpit Helps provides quality enCOURAGEment for pastors and their families as they man the front lines.

PeggySue Wells

Roanoke, Ind.

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