Looking Through a Different Window

by Ted Kyle

Daily we are inundated with television programming which I find crude and distasteful-yet it has an almost irresistible appeal to our old carnal nature. I'm referring to "reality-TV." The TV networks, in their quest for ratings, seem to be trying to legitimize and display what I call "Peeping Tomism."

That's bad. But let us seek a better application of the concept. Suppose we could look out through God's window and see our world as He sees it. What would we see?

Since the physical is ephemeral and only the spirit truly endures, I believe we would see a shadow world populated by shadow-beings-men, women, and children, in whom the flame of the Spirit is discernable.

In some, the flame would be bright-like a cheery fire, giving off welcome warmth and lighting up the countryside.

In a great many more, only a little flame would be visibleinadequate to help others who might wish to warm themselves by its heat or see Truth by its light.

And there would be an army of these shadow-beings in whom only a slight residual warmth remained, and perhaps a tiny flickering spark.

Finally, there would be those who are totally dark, with no trace remaining of the light of God's Holy Spirit which He places in each new-born babe.

Now, to go a step further, what if we could see both worlds simultaneously-perhaps the spirit-world with one eye and the physical world with the other?

In my mind's eye, the two views differ wildly. Those whose flame is brightest in the spirit realm are very often unnoticed in the other. Conversely, the great majority of those who seem to shine the brightest to our physical gaze are hardly distinguishable from the surrounding dark, in our spiritual sight.

Now, imagine with me that we can add a third way of seeing our world, which I will call "the love/humility factor." I visualize it as aligning nearly perfectly with the brightness of the interior flame. The advantage of adding this third measurement is that it functions in both worlds. And therefore it alone leaves visible tracks for our physical eyes to see.

We can be sure, I am convinced, that when we find ourselves in the presence of genuine love and deep humility, we will also be in the presence of a Spirit-led life. And how rich an experience we can find in such a presence!

And we ourselves: Do others see us as sources of God's light and warmth in our world? Or not?

Vastly more importantly, how does God see us?

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