Pulpit Helps Is Even More Effective Overseas

by AMG Staff

You may be aware that for more than 28 years AMG International has been publishing Pulpit Helps magazine (PH) as a resource for pastors and Bible teachers. What you may not have known is that PH also makes these resources available in India, Indonesia, and Myanmar (formerly Burma). And if these resources-including sermon outlines, illustrations, bulletin inserts, Jewels from Past Giants and other columns, plus articles on relevant issues, news significant to Christians, and mission reports from around the world-are valuable to church leaders in America, they can be even more so, where other resources are hard to come by.

PH India circulates 6,000 copies, PH Indonesia 5,000 copies, and PH Myanmar circulation, which began at 3,000 copies has risen to meet demand to 8,000-plus copies.

Articles from the U.S. edition of Pulpit Helps are translated into the language of each country and then adapted to fit the culture of each specific people group. This has proven to be an effective tool for encouraging and equipping Christian workers. It has also proven to be a very effective tool for evangelism. This is amazing in light of the fact the major religions in the three countries mentioned are Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Translated Comments from Overseas Readers

"I have recently seen your magazine Pulpit Helps in Telugu at my friend's house. It is a wonderful magazine. Please add me to your mailing list." - Mr. G. Daniel

"Brother, I am learning so many things through your magazine. The articles are very useful to my spiritual life. May God bless you in a special way." - Pastor P. L. Samuel

"I am a pastor working in the rural area of a backward district. Thank you for your magazine. Its contents are very helpful to me in my preaching" - Sd. S. Yakobu

I am a youth minister working among the young people who are living in small villages. I am using the Pulpit Helps material for discussions in our youth meetings. Please don't discontinue. I consider it as a boon." - K. Ram Prasad

These are just a few ways the magazine is having a positive impact on those who are ministering the gospel around the world. For many of these people they have very few if any other sources they can turn to for help. That is why Pulpit Helps is such a treasure for them.

Most of the people who receive PH are struggling financially and cannot afford to pay for the magazine. AMG endeavors to provide it free of charge to those who request it. On the average it costs $10 a year to provide PH to a national pastor or Christian worker-though for the one who receives it, it is priceless.

If Pulpit Helps is a blessing and a help in your ministry, would you consider sharing that same blessing with a pastor in India, Indonesia, or Myanmar?  All you do is simply include a special donation or add a $10 gift the next time you renew your subscription. You will not only enrich your own ministry, but you will also enrich the ministry of a national Christian worker who is struggling to make an impact for Christ in his own country.

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