Holy Cow!

by Larry Malone

Down through the years Christians have gotten the idea that misery equals holiness. "In order to please God and serve Him, one must give up everything that he or she enjoys. God will direct each Christian to some activity that makes him or her unhappy, and only by participating in this dreaded activity can one truly serve God."

Certainly this is not the way God is described in the Bible. He is a kind loving Father who gives His children gifts, abilities, and interests which can be used to bring glory to Him.

Tim Dean of Lafayette, Georgia, found a way that he could combine his lifelong love of raising cattle and his lifelong desire to serve the Lord. He is a participant in the STEER program. STEER (STEERing money to missions) is a fund-raising organization committed to serving existing missionaries and their organizations. It is a unique and creative three-way partnership of donors, farmers, and missionaries.  The donor provides funds to purchase livestock. Then the farmer, who invests labor, feed, and care, raises the calf for market. When the calf is sold, the missionary receives funds from the sale of the livestock.

Tim got his start in cattle raising at the age of twelve after his parents started him off with three heifers. He continued throughout his high school years and developed a commercial cow and calf operation. After his marriage to Donna, they decided to develop a purebred Angus herd, which today includes forty registered Angus cows.

Tim and Donna, along with their two boys, take great satisfaction from their involvement in STEER. They call the steer they are raising their "holy cow," and they are excited to know that when the calf is sold, the funds will go to the missionary they are supporting.

Tim, who is now the Southeastern representative for STEER, says, "We have been involved in STEER for about five years and we think it is great that we can take what we love to do and support missions. The program takes what we do right here in Georgia and makes it have a global impact, through the missionaries we support. When we see our holy cows in the pasture it reminds us to pray for those missionaries, too. We would encourage anyone who has a farm and wants to support missions to contact me." (STEER also has other farm projects, such as dairy, sheep, and crops.)

If you are a farmer or rancher, you can support AMG by becoming part of the STEER program. There is very little cost or extra effort on your part, but the blessings are tremendous. Tim explains why:

It enables a farm/ranch family to raise livestock and crops dedicated for world missions with no cash investment.

There is no risk or hardship, and farmers are able to contribute to missions in good and bad years.

They do not have to declare the project as income or pay Social Security tax on it.

It gives them a tremendous opportunity to witness for Christ in their families and in the market place.

If you would like to start raising "holy cows" for AMG, or if you want more information on this creative means of giving to missions, please contact:

Tim Dean

574 Bell Rd.

Rock Spring, GA 30739

Phone: (706) 764-2771

Email: deanangus@juno.com


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