Passion & Pain: the Suffering Church Today

by Ted Kyle

Passion & Pain is organized as a 13-week printed resource meant to accompany and parallel a 13-week DVD/Video series, The Suffering Church. The purpose of both is to expose and bring home to Christians the frightful persecution and suffering of fellow-Christians around the world.

Both expose the world's worst environments for Christians, beginning with Sudan and ranging through Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, India, Burma/Myanmar, and finally Turkmenistan and the successor states to the former Soviet Union. The series was co-produced with EWTN, the global Catholic network, and is from a Catholic viewpoint, giving it a little different "flavor" for Protestants used to hearing only their own kind. However, readers and viewers will find that persecution and abuse know no sectarian boundaries.

The Jubilee Campaign was begun in the early 1980s by its founder and UK director, Danny Smith, as a non-denominational, non-sectarian human rights organization that would advocate non-violent solutions to religious intolerance and discrimination throughout the world. In 1987, British Lord David Alton, then a member of the House of Commons, launched Jubilee in Parliament. Current UK supporters include Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, former and current prime ministers.

Jubilee USA, begun in 1991 by Ann Buwalda, who continues to serve as director, works through political pressure, publicity, and partnerships (sponsorships of hurting, needy individuals).

The DVD/VHS series, with the book included, can be ordered for $30.00 from Jubilee Campaign USA, 9689-C Main St., Fairfax, VA 22032; phone 703-503-0791; Fax: 703-503-0792; email: 

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