Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

by Glen H. Jones

Holman has produced a highly useful Bible dictionary for the layman and the more serious Bible student. This reference has been completely revised, updated, and expanded from its earlier format. Its hundreds of articles and 700 color maps and photographs are printed on white slick paper that make for easy reading. A pronunciation guide for difficult words is included in the introductory material.

Scores of scholars have contributed articles. Presentation of the material is scriptural and conservative. Biblical quotations are from several translations: King James Version, New American Standard Bible, Today's English Version, the Revised English Bible, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, the Revised Standard Version and others.

In addition to enlightening articles on biblical texts, this volume includes material on the political, social, economic, and religious backgrounds that give fresh meaning to the Scriptures. Readers will find helpful outlines of each biblical book. Charts and maps are included to clarify the subject under consideration.

The advertising blurb on the durable and attractive front cover states: "Everything you need to know about the Bible." This may be a slight exaggeration, but the statement comes close to the truth. It is the most comprehensive, updated, and useful Bible handbook this reviewer has ever used.

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