Praise & Prayer

Pray: Prayers have been asked for Yakup Cindilli, a Turkish Christian who was severely beaten Oct. 23, while distributing New Testaments in his home town of Orhangazi. According to one local Christian, Yakup has been released from hospital, but he is unable to recognize anyone and cannot speak in full sentences. Doctors gave little hope of further recovery.

Pray for full healing for Yakup and for justice in the courts. Pray for others to take up the task of evangelism in Turkey, despite the dangers they may face.

Middle East Concern via MissionNet

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Praise: Christian Boy in Pakistan Escapes Muslim Abductors-A Christian Pakistani boy who was kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam has escaped abduction from militant Muslims. Last month Zeeshan Gill, 15, was abducted while on his way home after school, Jubilee Campaign reported. He was taken to a Muslim religious school where he was harassed, beaten, and threatened with death if he ran away or converted back to Christianity. His captors reportedly forced him to fast daily and began training him in the use of weapons in order to send him to Kashmir for "jihad." His mother tracked him down and went to court for her son's release. On Nov. 24 Gill, his mother, and a younger brother were able to flee to the home of his aunt. The family contacted the Center for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) which is handling his case.

Charisma News Service via MissionNet

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Praise: "Kamikaze Evangelists" See Many Turn to Christ in China-In China Christians are giving their all for Christ, says Johnny Li of Open Doors. He's amazed by the number of young evangelists that are committed to sharing the gospel regardless of the cost. "They go to the borderline areas to preach the gospel to minority remote areas and they pay a high, high price." He calls them "kamikaze evangelists" because of their unswerving dedication to the cause. Li says many of these evangelists are less than 20 years old and work despite limited funding. Through their ministry, many are coming to Christ.

Mission Network News

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Praise: Survey Shows Surprisingly High Level of Religious Freedom in Mongolia-In its survey analysis of the religious freedom situation in Mongolia, Forum 18 News Service found a surprisingly high degree of religious freedom in the country. Mongolia's 1993 law on religion limits the number of Buddhist monasteries and monks, bans the organized introduction of foreign religions, and gives the state preference for Buddhism. However, these measures reportedly are not enforced, and registration is not compulsory for religious organizations. Protestants report few obstructions to their social ministry in state institutions such as prisons, children's homes, or hospitals once local officials are familiar with their work. However, Protestants said there are incidents of unregistered churches being threatened or fined as well as a widespread tendency by state authorities to demand random "fines" or "donations," but this appears to be the action of individual local council members.

Forum 18 News Service via MissionNet

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Praise: Palestinians Welcome Evangelistic Outreach-An indigenous Christian ministry is finding its evangelistic outreach among Palestinians welcomed by the community. A ministry assisted by Christian Aid held three evangelistic events in three days recently, attracting more than 2,000 people. About 400 of them indicated on comment cards that they had prayed to accept Christ and the ministry plans to follow up each of them in their homes. "The Lord has put in us the responsibility of leading a ministry of evangelism and discipleship in the Holy Land. We are amazed to see Him moving everywhere in every main city," the leader told Christian Aid Mission. The ministry has been working for four years in the Gaza Strip.

Missions Insider via MissionNet

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Pray: Iraqi Christian Students Threatened-Christian families all over Iraq have been receiving threatening letters, and now Christian schools have been leafleted with demands that the students become Muslims or face death. In November, bombs were discovered in two schools, one in Baghdad and another in Mosul (northern Iraq). The latter, St. Thomas's School, has around 500 students, about 450 of them Christians. Both bombs were successfully defused. It is thought that a Saudi-backed Wahhabi Sunni group is responsible for both the warnings and the bombs.

Barnabas Fund via MissionNet

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