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AMG Publishers

The Epistles of 1-3 John & Jude: Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series, Robert Lightner, 2003, $19.99, 256 pages, hardback.

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Baker Book House

Leaders That Last: How Covenant Friendships Can Help Pastors Thrive, Gary D. Kinnamen and Alfred H. Ellis, 2003, $12.99, 173 pages, softcover. The authors provide pastors insight and suggestions on the problems faced in ministry.

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BJU Press

A Commentary on Isaiah, Peter A. Steveson, 2003, $35.95, 574 pages, hardback.  A Bible teacher takes you to the heart of one of the most beloved books in all of Scripture.

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Christian Focus Publications

Active Evangelism: Putting the Evangelism of Acts into Practice, Derek Prime, 2003, $8.99, 182 pages, softcover. Teaches practical lessons on evangelism from the Book of Acts.

A Christian's Evangelistic Pocket Guide to Islam, Malcolm Steer, 2003, $3.99, 77 pages, softcover. Provides the information you need to reach out to your Muslim neighbors and friends with confidence.

Between the Times: Malachi: God's Last Prophet of the Old Testament, R. T. Kendall, 2003, $12.99, 200 pages, softcover.  Written in devotional style, it leads the reader to mediate more deeply on God's Word.

New Life in the Wasteland: 2 Corinthians on the Cost and Glory of Christian Ministry, Douglas F. Kelly, 2003, $10.99, 160 pages, softcover. A penetrating look at the biblical foundation of Christian ministry as seen in 2 Corinthians.

The God-Centered Preacher: Developing a Pulpit Ministry Approved by God, Robert L. Reymond, 2003, $17.99, 351 pages, softcover. A discussion of the eight qualities pastors should aspire to in their ministries.

When Grace Comes Alive: Living Through the Lord's Prayer, Terry L. Johnson, 2003, $12.99, 267 pages, softcover. The author combines the theology of the Lord's Prayer with down-to-earth application.

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Business for the Glory of God: the Bible's Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business, Wayne Grudem, 2003, $12.99, 890 pages, hardback.

Defending Your Faith: an Introduction to Apologetics, R. C. Sproul, 2003, $19.99, 208 pages, hardback. A survey of the history and fundamentals of apologetics.

Hard Questions, Real Answers, William Lane Craig, 2003, $14.99, 160 pages, softcover. Offers real answers and honest insights gained from a lifetime of study and ministry.

Standing for Light and Truth, Adrian Rogers, 2003, $19.99, 224 pages, softcover. A collection of Rogers' best-loved sermons showing how those who love God can contend for His light and truth.

Written in Stone: the Ten Commandments and Today's Moral Crisis, Philip Graham Ryken, 2003, $14.99, 160 pages, softcover. Basic principles for interpreting and applying God's laws and how each relates to the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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Eerdmans Publishing Co.

The Ten Commandments for Pastors New to a Congregation, Lawrence W. Farris, 2003, $12.00, 94 pages, softcover. Specific and down-to-earth principles and guidance on how to make a good beginning.

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Freedom Publications

Islam America's Trojan Horse, Don Boys, 2003, $15.00, 277 pages, softcover (order from publisher at P.O. Box 944, Ringgold, GA, 30736, or visit Website <>. An "overview of the evils of the Muslim faith." "Every Muslim is not a terrorist and all Muslims do not encourage terrorism, but a large number of them do. There is a Trojan Horse already within our walls."

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InterVarsity Press

Short-Term Missions Workbook, Tim Dearborn, 2003, $13.00, 128 pages, softcover. An eight-week course for short-term mission participants.

Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspective on Worship and the Arts, Harold M. Best, 2003, $13.00, 226 pages, softcover. Addresses popular misunderstandings about the use of music and offers correctives toward a more biblically-consistent practice of artistic action.

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Kregel Publications

Exploring the History and Philosophy of Christian Education: Principles for the 21st Century, Michael J. Anthony & Warren S. Benson, 2003, $22.99, 443 pages, softcover. Two leading scholars in Christian education trace the history of education from the Old Testament to the present.

Thinking Against the Grain: Developing a Biblical Worldview in a Culture of Myths, N. Allan Moseley, 2003, $13.99, 288 pages, softcover. Introduces Christians to a biblical framework that affects every decision we make.

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Regal Books

Coach Wooden One-on-One: Inspiring Conversations on Purpose, Passion, and the Pursuit of Success, John Wooden and Jay Carty, 2003, $17.99, 168 pages, hardback. A book of 60 daily devotional readings.

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WaterBrook Press

Knowing the Unknowable God: How Faith Thrives on Divine Mystery, James R. Lucas, 2003, $13.99, 224 pages, softcover. A guide to the paradoxes of Scripture and how to pursue honest answers to your hardest questions.

Risking Church: Creating a Place Where Your Heart Feels at Home, Jim Kallam, Jr., 2003, $12.99, 192 pages, softcover. Helps the reader see that church and true community are worth the risk.

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