The Bible Biographical Index & the Connection

by Glen H. Jones

This presentation has two components. The first is the notebook that contains all the persons of the Bible. Each time the individual's personal name occurs, the writer briefly summarizes the contents of this reference. All references to a person are conveniently located together so that one may more easily do a character study about the individual. The Connection feature will prove invaluable for one who wants to trace the genealogy of a particular biblical character.

The second component of this presentation is a CD conveying the same information. The search engine is powered by Acrobat Reader (included on the disk) and will work on PC or Mac. The search feature is not very sophisticated, but one should be able to locate information without much difficulty.

The book may be ordered from The Gospel Herald, P.O. Box 5848, Reno, NV 89513. Or visit <> for more information.

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