CrossTies Devotionals

by Ted Kyle

CrossTies Devotionals is the "cream of the crop" of Bill Denton's collected columns-and the cream is tasty, indeed. Among my favorites are "Spiritual Destinesia" (the word is a combination of "destination" and "amnesia"), "They Shall Call His Name Immanuel" (which is about loneliness, not Christmas), "The Split Second" (that tiny instant of wavering, between the call of conscience and the urge to give in to sin), "Growing Calluses" (on one's conscience), "On Toward Tomorrow," But why go on? There are 105 more short devotionals here. All are well-written, most are thought-provoking, and some are splendid. Topics range from insights on fundamental doctrines to commiseration on the difficulties of living the life.

The author's name should be familiar to many readers of Pulpit Helps, for over the years we have printed more than two dozen of his essays.    

Brother Denton began writing devotionals shortly after entering full-time ministry in 1979. Initially they were printed in church bulletins and were seen only by his local church family. Gradually, however, other preachers sought them for their church bulletins, and eventually (in 1994) he began his Web and email and

Contact Lulu at, or the author at P.O. Box 1065, Grenada, MS 38902-1065, (662)-226-5030.

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