The Christian Pastor's Manual

by Glen H. Jones, Reviewer

This volume was first published in 1826 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Soli Deo Gloria has reset the type and modernized spelling to make the book more readable. As the title suggests, it was published as a manual for pastors. Nine clerics provided articles. The subjects are varied, but all point to spiritually helping those who are in the ministry.
One sermon gives advice on a fervent call to evangelism, one urges pastors to exalt Christ in their preaching, and three point out difficulties in the pastoral office. At least three additional essays enjoin the minister to have a sterling character, and to be an example to his flock and to the community. Issac Watts advises young ministers to frequently ask themselves these questions: Am I faithful in my ministry? Do I spend sufficient time in reading, meditation, and study? How much time do I spend in prayer? Do I practice self-denial, humility,, mortification, and patience? Is my conduct above reproach?
Those who read this book will have to develop a mindset for the style of writing that was current almost two hundred year ago. However, those who stay with their task will find choice gems of inspiration between its covers.
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