Think Biblically! (Recovering a Christian Worldview)

by Glenn H. Jones, Reviewer

An increasingly complex and perverse society calls for a clear enunciation of biblical principles on those issues that confront and confound us. John MacArthur and several Master's College faculty members have joined to give us a book of sound biblical teaching on some complex social, moral, and spiritual issues. Hopefully, this material will fall into the hands of those who are responsible for making momentous decisions.
In this volume one will find essays on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, biblical creationism, the reality of sin, evangelism, and a right relationship with God. Today's Christians are being pushed into a worldly mindset that wanders farther and farther away from biblical teachings. We believers need a renewal of the faith of our fathers that has characterized much of church history.
One needs to understand the foundation of our postmodern world. Its principles, no matter how seemingly persuasive, are built on sinking sand. When a society leaves the authority of the Bible behind, it cannot hope to survive very long. Brian Morley's "Understanding Our Postmodern World," offers rich insight into this problem.
Postmodern influence has drastically changed the cultural mind-set on masculinity and femininity. Stuart Scott's "Profiling Christian Masculinity" and Patricia Ennis's "Portraying Christian Femininity" point us to a biblical understanding of the sexes. Two other articles, "Enjoying Spiritual Worship and Music" and "Developing a Biblical View of Church and State" are helpful and enlightening.
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