More Than a Prophet: An Insider's Response to Muslim Beliefs About Jesus and Christianity

by A. Karen Davis, Reviewer

This helpful book is designed to enable Christians to find answers to 150 questions about the basic differences between Christianity and Islam. Christianity clearly affirms that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; He is more than a prophet.
The two authors, brothers raised to be faithful Muslims, are now both theology professors.
They were converted to Christianity, and they have spent over twenty years in the study of Islam to understand the Muslim mind.
Questions concerning the nature of Jesus Christ, the atonement and salvation, religious liberty, ethics, and jihad are among the twelve basic areas presented. The writing style is simple and conversational. There is no finger-pointing or inflammatory language.
Here is an abbreviated presentation which the Canner brothers give of the essential differences between Christianity and Islam:
"Although many assume that the two religions have much in common, it can be demonstrated that they agree on very little aside from their monotheism (pages 191,2). Christians have a different God. He is personal and relational, and at the same time He is Trinity. Allah is transcendent and unreachable.
"Christians have a different view of salvation. One can only be saved by believing in Christ for the forgiveness of sin. Islam believes works can earn favor with Allah.
"Christians have a different view of humanity. Christians believe all are sinners. Islam teaches that everyone is born Muslim and is only corrupted later by individual actions.
"Christians have a different view of the Bible. Evangelical Christians believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Muslims believe the Bible is thoroughly corrupt, only worthy of acceptance when confirmed by the Qur'an.
"Christians have a different view of Jesus. Christians identify Jesus as the Christ, who is the Savior of the world. Muslims believe that Jesus is a mere man, who only deserves respect, not worship."
This book can significantly help Christians share their faith with Muslims with knowledge and responsiveness.
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