Eternally Undismayed

by Jan Silvious

We are living in incredible times!
We are seeing historic changes taking place around the world. Nations aligning themselves with former enemies to oppose aggression. World governments toppling. Walls of division crumbling. Kings and other heads of state being deposed. Economic boom and recession.
Instability. War. Terrorism. But through it all-a cry for freedom!
It is the God-ordained right of people to be free. With the collapse of the Berlin Wall, even the media actually began to take note that the movement for freedom originated in the church.
They can't explain away or ignore the fact that people who acknowledge God have been quietly standing for freedom for a long time. Through persecution and tyranny, believers have been planting the seeds that are now coming into bloom.
Yet it is this very freedom to pursue one's own course that allows us to mistreat each other and even to shake our fists at God and stubbornly insist on having our own way.
Cyrus Mitchell has written some prophetic words:
The soul of Jesus is restless today;
Christ is trampling through the spirit-world,
Compassion in His heart for the fainting millions,
He trudges through China, through Poland
Through Russia, Austria, Germany, Armenia,
Patiently He pleads with the Church,
Tenderly He woos her.
The wounds of His body are bleeding afresh for the sorrows of His shepherdless people.
We beseige Him with selfsh petitions,
We weary Him with our petty ambitions,
From the needy we bury him in piles of carven stone,
We obscure Him in the smoke of stuffy incense,
We drown Him in the needs and sorrows of the exploited "least of His brethren."
The soul of Jesus is restless today,
But eternally undismayed.*
Jesus must get really tired of our world crises, our clamoring demands, our religiosity. Still, He is "eternally undismayed," unflinching, unswerving, undisturbed. No matter how we may conduct our history, or abuse our rights and privileges, or commit sins against our fellow human beings, He is undeterred from His great purpose.
Sometimes I think this world surely has no room for any more insanity, that the abuse of freedom and the exaltation of licentiousness could not possibly get worse. It helps to see Jesus standing in our midst, calm and "eternally undismayed."
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