"Idol Time"

by Calvin and Lisa Wulf

"Do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry. But you said, ‘It's no use! I love foreign gods, and I must go after them'" (Jer. 2:25 niv).
The alarm clock rings, "Time to get up."
The grandfather clock chimes, "Time to go to work."
The computer beeps, "Time for the next appointment."
The time clock punches, "Time to go home."
The microwave dings, "Time for dinner."
The cuckoo clock sings, "Time for bed."
We're always on the clock. We're either trying to beat the clock or kill time. So the pressure mounts. We juggle our lives to keep as many clocks in the air as possible. If one should fall, the whole system shatters.
Ever notice that the clock is often the focal point of a room? It's given an honored place on the mantel. Even churches aren't immune. The cross used to be center stage. Today many sanctuaries have no cross, but there's a clock in the back so the preacher can get us out on time.
Jesus never said, "Hurriest thou, for we are late!" We don't see Him rushing around.Yet He accomplished everything that was necessary. That's because He fixed His eyes on His Compass-the Father-not on the clock.
Let's face reality. Our modern world requires time-consciousness. We can't completely end the tyranny of the clock. But God's compass is also available to us. He gives us all the time we need to do what He has for us.
Want to stop dividing life into seconds and minutes? Here's how:
• Try an experiment. Take off your watch for a bit.
• Evaluate your schedule. Do you need so many timetables?
• Follow God's clock. It runs on eternal time.
Does your wristwatch have you by the throat? Perhaps now is the time to stop juggling and let your timepieces fall to the ground. Don't let clock worship eclipse God's plan for your life. Free up your hands and eyes to follow the one true Compass.
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