Where There's Life, There's Hope-The World Hopes

by Ted Kyle

We humans live in hopeand without hope we have very little to live for.
But hope, for the world at large, is a will o the wisp, ever clutched at but never truly grasped. Tomorrow will be a better dayI'll get a better jobI'll be able to pay my debts off. And the world will be a better place-despite the fact that researchers and historians have discovered that there have been only 292 days of peace in the more than 5,600 years since 3600 BC (noted in "Insights from Bill Bright," Oct. 6, 2003).
So our world lives in hope. Deep down we are aware that we have to live in hope. Because without hope, nothing makes sense. Without hope, life is only a barren, bleak succession of days that drag endlessly and nights of bitter reflection on the "might-have-beens."
But, of course, sooner or later, the secular world discovers the falsity of this elusive hope and realizes that things aren't going to improve. Instead, we'll simply get older, sicker, less employable-and the security we long for is the most evanescent of all our illusions.
With so much latent despair in our old world, is it any wonder that ours has become a drug culture-with the most popular drug of all, alcohol, leading the parade. But ours is also an entertainment culture. We love to immerse ourselves in someone else's love story or adventure, so we don't have to think about our own situation. And a gambling culture. The lotteries' claim that it's just recreation-but it isn't pleasure-seeking that drives the industry: it's the get-rich-quick hope. Our secular world will seek anywhere (except in the gospel) to find a means of forgetting our troublesand especially our lack of hope.
Not everyone, of course, faces this terrible bind. But we speak of our secular world-and how desperately it needs to find the true Hope-the only true Hope, Jesus Christ. We who know Him cling to a glorious hope. Life may be very far from ideal here below, but we know that this world is not our home. We are transients in this old world, which is our training ground for life in God's new world. Thank God, there is a new world coming!
So we praise Him for loving and carrying us through this old world. And praise Him yet more for the eternal sure hope of a future tomorrow in His new world!
And our peace is in knowing that, here or hereafter, God is our Shepherd, and we are sheep of His pasture.
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