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An Appreciation of Harry Rimmer
We look forward each month to receiving our copy of Pulpit Helps; however, the current November issue came with an added surprise with the publication of our article "A Servant and a Son" on page 35.
You may recall that we had some brief correspondence a while back concerning Dr. Harry Rimmer (the letter to Charles E. Fuller about heaven being attributed to him, his apparent miraculous touch from the Lord and his continuing to be used for the Lord for several years following the March 4, 1939 letter). Thus, it was with great interest to read the article from Sword of the Lord, "Scientific Discussion-Who Made God" by Dr. Rimmer (page 18, November issue).
In my library I have one of the smallest books (47 pages) entitled The Bible Defeats Atheism which is a story of the famous Harry Rimmer trial as told by the attorney for the defendant, James E. Bennet. The trial was held in N.Y.C. Feb. 15-16, 1940 which was slightly less than a year following his letter to Dr. Fuller. Even though I was only a teenager at the time, it was always a delight to sit under the ministry of Dr. Rimmer. He was always right on target with the gospel message.
Thank you for the article by Dr. Rimmer and for considering our article worthy of publications.
This, be assured, is greatly appreciated.
Don Henry

Enjoys Hearing Dr. Z
Just a note to say that I enjoy hearing Dr. Zodhiates on the radio. I also enjoyed reading a recent issue of Pulpit Helps.
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