Bundles of Love - Sharing Christ by Meeting Needs

by Lori Overcash

AMG International, an evangelical ministry, first distributed Bundles of Love to the children of war-torn Greece at Christmas time in the 1950s. From that beginning this special ministry of expressing love to children at Christmas has grown and hundreds of thousands of children worldwide have been recipients of this gift that comes as an expression of love from the hearts of Christian people.

Bundles of Love are not only given to children, but to hundreds of leprosy victims in India who are under the care of AMG. Each Bundle contains clothes, shoes, special food, items for personal hygiene, a bag of rice and a pot to be used for cooking. For those living in colder climates, the Bundle will include a blanket or sweater. For children living in tropical areas there’s a mosquito net. In every Bundle there’s a Bible.

Bundles of Love gives AMG the opportunity not only to express love to the children, but also to present the gospel. The gifts are presented as part of a ceremony where the Christmas story is told and the gospel is clearly presented. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and members of the local community, including government officials, are invited to the distribution ceremonies.

Often children will act out the story of Jesus’ birth. Though the Christmas play may seem amateurish and the scenery and costumes unsophisticated, there is a keen sense of curiosity on the part of the audience, especially the non-Christians, who want to understand the significance of Christmas. This affords the Christian leaders one of the greatest opportunities possible to share the good news of salvation with them.

Preparations for the distribution of Bundles of Love begin in early fall. AMG’s Christian workers are planning programs, writing Christmas plays, and working on menus for the special meal that’s a part of the celebration. AMG staff around the world is praying that there will be a harvest of souls as the gospel is presented during the Bundles of Love ceremonies.

AMG is able to provide Bundles of Love through the gifts of individuals and churches. Individuals will give a Bundle “in honor of” or “in memory of” a friend or family member. There are many people who request that their family not give them a Christmas gift, but rather make a donation to AMG for the Bundles of Love program. For the vast majority of those who receive a Bundle, it is the only Christmas present they will receive.

This year thousands of children in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kosovo, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, and Uganda will be receiving a Bundle of Love.

 Each Bundle costs $20 and provides a child or leprosy sufferer with special items that they may not receive at any other time of the year. The joy that the Bundles provide to the recipients is matched only by the satisfaction in the heart of the one who gives the Bundles of Love.

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