by Tim Hansel

Sometimes life is not so much to be understood as it is to be lived out. Some of us spend more time analyzing life than we do living it. I need to remind you that joy is another way in which we express our gratitude for the One who lives within us and allow Him to be expressed into a world that needs so many things—especially our grateful joy.               

I encourage you to both say and experience the words “Hallelujah...anyway!” Even if it’s Monday. Even if it’s six-thirty in the morning. Even if your washer ate the socks for the third time this week. Even if your car died the week after your warranty expired. Even if your vacations are only fifteen minutes long these days.

Oh Father, sometimes I can’t sincerely thank You for my circumstances, but I can be joyfully grateful for Your presence in those circumstances.

Excerpt from Keep on Dancin' by Tim Hansel, Chariot Victor Publishing. Tim Hansel is a popular speaker and author. He is also the founder of Ignite, Inc., a program designed to encourage and empower people who have lived with emotional and physical pain to, in turn, minister to others who also live with chronic' pain, disabilities, and emotional devastation.
Used by permission.

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