Holman Bible Commentary

by Glen H. Jones

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This is Volume One-Genesis in a projected twenty-volume set of Holman’s Old Testament Commentary. The New Testament set has eleven volumes. This reviewer has not seen other volumes in this set, but he is favorably impressed by the dedicated scholarship and conservative approach to the Scriptures.

Gangel and Bramer hold to the Mosaic authorship of Genesis and the other four books of the Pentateuch. They reject the “documentary hypothesis,” also known as J,E,D,P, which holds that the Pentateuch was written after the Babylonian Exile. Moses wrote the first five books of Scripture about 1446-1406 B.C.

The six days of creation were six twenty-four hour days. God (Hebrew Elohim) created the heavens and the earth—the totality of creation—in that time span. The Deluge was a universal event that destroyed all of humanity except the eight who were in the ark.

Moses traces the Lord God’s redemptive plan from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob (Israel), with help from Joseph. The Book of Genesis ends with the suggestion that Judah will be the line through whom God will finalize His redemptive plan.

The bulk of the commentary treats the lives of Jacob and his twelve sons. Through all his sins, faults, and shortcomings, Jacob fulfills God’s purpose in providing a line through whom Messiah will one day be born. The commentary closes with observations on the deathbed prophecies of Jacob concerning his twelve sons. Much of the remaining Old Testament books reaffirm the truth of the patriarch’s remarks.

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