Authentic Beauty: the Shaping of a Set-Apart Young Woman

by A. Karen Davis

Author and musician Leslie Ludy presents a refreshing, readable and practical book targeted to single women ages 15-35. She knows the intense pressures young women face that thwart innocence and purity. She presents hope that real love is available to each Christian young woman, no matter what her background. The childhood reading of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale awakens a little girl's picture of a beautiful princess and handsome prince. Too soon and tragically, the dream shatters as American young women live in a culture that reduces romance to sex. Women seek their prince with the empty charms of sexual freedom. They pursue romantic relationships and popularity. Even Christian environments often simply become a required social club. Sexual bantering and sexual activity reign. When a young woman realizes her emptiness, what is she to do? She may say, "I've been wallowing in the mudhole for so long I am helplessly dirtywhy should I even try to become lily white?" Mrs. Ludy says, "Cleanse the sanctuary of your life." For suggestions about how to do this, look at Leslie suggests that you "Put the pen of your story in the hands of the Prince." This Prince is Jesus Christ. When He becomes "the core reason behind every decision you make, you will be amazed at the unshakable confidence and strength that will begin to flow though your life." Thoughtfully selected quotations like the ones from John Stam on the "Seven Awful Steps Downward" and "Seven Glorious Steps Upward" give the book depth. Leslie Ludy concludes the book with suggestions on preparing for intimacy, repairing a broken heart, and this promise: "Extraordinary success awaits us when we are willing to learn the secrets of earthly love from the greatest Lover of all."
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